Curastream provides its members access to certified health care professionals, highly skilled and experienced in the disciplines they serve. They share this knowledge through custom designed programs aimed to help you get back to what you love to do, in less time and through online consultations that serve to structure and guide your progress every step of the way.

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Transform Your Life With Curastream Membership – For FREE with Telehealth Benefits

What if you could finally get benefits that fit your needs?

Imagine your new and improved body. Fit, strong and free of those nagging aches and pains the plague so many people. Imagine your body ready for adventure, work, play, sports and whatever else life throws at you. What if you could have all these benefits in a faster and more convenient way than ever before? Well, a Curastream membership can give you all this, it gets even better. You could get all this – for FREE with Telehealth Benefits!

Curastream-telehealth-Benefits-1The Old Benefits Package

If you work for a company, then you likely have some type of benefits package. Traditionally this has included things like dental, prescriptions, and various other health care services such as massage, chiropractors, and physios.

The problem with the traditional health services is that they all required in-office visits. This means taking time off work or cutting into family time. This means the hassle of calling to book an appointment. It means driving through traffic to get to the office or clinic. Then, when you get there, you have to find and pay for parking. After all this fun, you can look forward to the endless, mind-numbing sitting in the waiting room.

As I look back over my work history, I realize that I have only ever used a fraction of available benefits my employer offered me. Why? Do I think they lack value? Not at all! In fact, I am a big believer in these health services and encourage others to use them. However, I am working full time, starting a business, and trying to be a good husband and father of four small children. I simply do not have the time to use many of these services in the traditional way.

The Old Way of Getting In Shape

The old way of getting in shape meant going to your local big-box gym. After the high-pressure sales pitch and a hefty initiation fee, you lock yourself into a long-term contract. This means you are paying every month to share equipment with a bunch of other sweaty people. It means that in addition to finding time exercise, you also need to find more time for driving to the gym and finding parking (good luck if you want to train after work with the rest of your city).

The gym membership can also bring the hassles of crowds and the over-selling of memberships (a huge problem in January). You have people hogging equipment or the inability to use your favorite piece of equipment while it waits with an “out of order” sign. Then you have “hard-core” punks screaming on the leg press machine, those people who fail to see the value of showering and that creepy dude in the corner who is always staring at people. If you wanted to learn how to use the equipment and get a training program, you had to hire an often inexperienced trainer and pay him/her $80+ per hour to work with you one on one.

Telehealth: The Future of Health and Fitness

Curastream_take_control_of_your_healthWhile these approaches may have been your only health and fitness options in the past, you now have more options. The internet and various technologies now offer you a faster, more affordable and more convenient way to get and stay fit and healthy.

The New and Improved Telehealth and Telemedicine Benefits Package

Times are changing. Benefits companies are moving towards telehealth and telemedicine. This moves more of your healthcare services online. In doing so, your convenience goes up and the costs to your employer go down – a nice win-win!

About 22% of employers with 1000+ employees currently offer telemedicine services. Another 37% are expected to offer these services to their employees by the end of this year. In surveys of healthcare executives, about 90% reported that their organizations have already begun developing or implementing a telemedicine program.

In today’s world, people’s attitudes are changing towards how we care for our health. About 60% of millennials support the use of telehealth to replace in-office visits. Millennials are the largest segment of today’s workforce.

Curastream-resolutions-trainNow what? Your Next Steps to Better Health and Fitness

  1. Talk to your employer or HR department about your current benefits. Ask them if they include telehealth and telemedicine services. If so, tell them about Curastream. Also, encourage them to contact us to get a quote on what it would cost them to get Curastream memberships for all their employees.
  1. If your current benefits package does not include telehealth benefits, ask your employer about adding them. Feel free to share the stats and benefits I shared with you above.
  1. Even if your benefits do not currently include telehealth, consider getting a Curastream membership. We can offer you a better, faster, more affordable and more convenient way to improve your health and fitness. Your monthly or yearly Curastream membership includes the following:
  • Access to our extensive and continually growing library of training programs
  • Access to our video exercise library to show you exactly how to do the best exercises for rehab, injury prevention, fitness and performance
  • A downloadable PDF workout log
  • A Facebook group page where you can ask us questions and interact with other members
  • Use of our full 3D human model to help guide you to the programs right for you
  1. Find the right fitness fit for you. While I painted a negative picture of gyms above, this is of course not always the case. You might find or already have a gym that you love. If so, great! We have plenty of programs that will work great at your local gym. However, do not feel you HAVE to go to a gym to get fit. We also offer several programs that you can do in the privacy of your own home. While some of the programs require no equipment, we encourage members to make small, but long-lasting, inexpensive and very effective investment in some home gym equipment. A set of adjustable dumbbells and some bands and you are good to go!
  1. Recognize that some services will always have to be in-person. Continue to use valuable in-person health care services such as chiropractors and massage therapists. In future, we plan to partner more with these healthcare professionals to help you find the best ones in your area.
  1. Get one-on-one help as needed. While a Curastream membership is great for the do-it-yourselfer, you can get extra help as needed. We also offer affordable live, online consultations with physiotherapists, kinesiologists, exercise physiologists, strength coaches and personal trainers.
  1. Join others in your journey. One of the potential downsides of telehealth is isolation. Do not make the mistake of trying to do this health and fitness journey alone. Invite friends and family to join you. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Make sure you join and regularly use our Curastream Facebook group to ask a question and interact with other members.

I wish you all the best in your future health and fitness and hope to meet you in our Facebook group. You can join by clicking the link at the bottom of this post!


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Andrew Heming
Andrew Heming

Andrew specializes in helping athletes and people who want to look and feel like an athlete prevent injury and improve performance. In addition to co-founding Curastream, Andrew currently works at Trinity Western University as an Assistant Professor in the School of Human Kinetics. He served the university’s Spartan Athletics program as their Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for 14 years and has been working as a trainer since 1998. He holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science with a focus on performance enhancement and injury prevention as well as certifications in strength & conditioning, personal training, functional movement screening and nutrition. Certifications: MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, FMS, Pn1

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