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The Number One Secret to Injury-Proofing Your Body

The Number One Secret to Injury-Proofing Your Body

Getting hurt sucks. No one wants to get sidelined with an injury and unable to do the things they love. That is why here a Curastream we created tools not only to get you healthy, but also to keep you healthy. What does it really take to develop a resilient body that can take a lot of punishment and still come back strong? Its time you knew the real secret.

The real secret to bulletproofing your body is that you need to stop looking for a single quick, easy fix. There is no one magical exercise or stretch to keep you injury free for life. Injury prevention must be a comprehensive approach. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

A Fat Loss Example

For clarity, let us look at an example from another area – the secret to great-looking abs. Let us say you wanted to get six pack abs. While there are plenty of exercises that target your abdominal muscles, this is actually the least important aspect of getting a six-pack. Countless people all over the world try to crunch their way to nice abs. However, the only people you will ever see a six-pack on are folks who are lean everywhere. The real secret to six pack abs is that it requires a comprehensive strategy combining the following: nutrition, total body training, sleep and lifestyle habits. (Shameless plug: we have some great fat loss programs here at Curastream!). The actual ab exercises are the least important part of the equation. We all want to believe there is some magical little secret, but that is the truth about getting a six-pack.

Now, Back to Injury-Proofing your Body

If you want to build an injury-resistant body, you need to address all the areas that can cause injury. If you do not, it will not work. Here are some examples:

  • You can do all the posture corrective work you want at the gym, but if you spend the rest of your day hunched over your cell phone, you will never fix your posture
  • You can increase your mobility with mobility work, but unless you build stability in this new range of motion, you will actually make your body more susceptible to injury
  • A huge impactor of knee health is the function of your hips. If you lack the necessary hip stability to control your knee, it will collapse in (we call this valgus) when jumping, landing, cutting or even just heavy lifting. This will not only decrease your performance, but also put you at risk for an ACL injury.
  • Having an anterior tilt to your pelvis (i.e. your bum sticks out and your hips are tipped forward) puts a lot of extra stress on your lower back. Specific low-back exercises will not help this. You need to calm down your hip flexors and strengthen your glutes.
  • Minimizing sitting throughout is one of the best ways to improve the length-tension relationships in the muscles that act on your hips. This has huge implication for back heath and well as knee and even foot health.
  • Your shoulders are very vulnerable to injury unless your shoulder blades function properly. However, this will not happen until your t-spine (upper back – we call this thoracic spine) extends and rotates properly. As a result, a shoulder program that just looks at the shoulder joint itself will not work.
  • Fatigue is a major contributor to injury. Proper sleep habits, sufficient rest and good nutrition are vital for giving your body the energy it needs to perform properly under stress. It is also critical that you have sufficient work capacity.

The Bottom Line

The bad news is that injury prevention is not as simple as just adding one special stretch or strengthening exercise. Effective injury reduction requires a comprehensive approach that looks at all the components necessary to keep you healthy. These include lifestyle modifications, sleep, nutrition, rest, stress management, mobility, movement patterns, activation of inactive muscles, stability, relative strength, lean muscle, body composition, conditioning and work capacity. The good news is we have you covered. Our Curastream fitness, performance, and injury prevention programs will give you the tools you need to reduce your risk of injury and help you build a strong, resilient body so you can enjoy doing what you love.

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Andrew Heming
Andrew Heming

Andrew specializes in helping athletes and people who want to look and feel like an athlete prevent injury and improve performance. In addition to co-founding Curastream, Andrew currently works at Trinity Western University as an Assistant Professor in the School of Human Kinetics. He served the university’s Spartan Athletics program as their Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for 14 years and has been working as a trainer since 1998. He holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science with a focus on performance enhancement and injury prevention as well as certifications in strength & conditioning, personal training, functional movement screening and nutrition. Certifications: MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, FMS, Pn1

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