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What Could Be The Cause Of Ergonomic Injuries?

The modern office environment can present a variety of unique ergonomic injuries that can sometimes stem from being in a controlled indoor setting.

You may think you’re safe from injury when you sit all day, but talking on the phone, typing on keyboards and answering telephones for hours on end, can negatively impact your body over time and make you a prime candidate to ergonomic injuries.

It’s no secret that numerous clinical studies say prolonged inactivity and sitting can have detrimental effects on the body, like heart disease, diabetes, and musculoskeletal complications – so it’s up to you to adapt your workspace to the benefit of your body and find ways to counter the negative effect that repetitive actions may have.

Let’s face it – a lot of people are chained to a desk all day as part of their job demands. The perpetual reliance on computer technologies and the internet mean that for most office workers, it’s difficult to find the time or excuse to get up and walk around. What’s further, a report from Annals of Internal Medicine tells us that when we get home, we continue our seated ways, watching TV, commuting on the subway or in the car, etc. All of these repetitive actions can contribute to higher levels of cancer, type-2 diabetes, and heart problems. The incentive to get up and change your working position is huge, but still we see many people ignoring the tell-tale signs that bad office ergonomics aren’t good for preventative health strategy. What can you do?


Curastream, The Best Solution For Ergonomic Office Injury Prevention

There’s also the benefit of investing the time to research office ergonomics to help better position yourself to prevent office ergonomic injuries that stem from ordinary workplace activity or lack thereof.

Back pain is one of the biggest injuries sustained from office occupations, so good office ergonomics can help to minimize the risk of repetitive injury caused by inactivity – like neck pain, strained vision, leg pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Another approach is to use preventive physical programs uniquely created and developed for office ergonomic injury prevention, such as the ones Curastream offer on this site. Specifically designed by a team of registered health care professionals, these programs not only enable you to prevent future ergonomic injuries from happening, they also give you a maintenance approach to ensure the injury recurrence is minimized so that you can begin to enjoy your work environment again. Curastream offers you access to “one on one” online consultation to initially determine your needs, then, matches you with unique, custom designed ergonomic exercise programs to help you with your injury and then completes the loop by providing you the tools to track your progress as you move through these programs.

Mike Friesen
Mike Friesen

Mike Friesen has been in the industry of providing healthcare and strength training industries for more than 7 years. His passion is in educating patients and clients.



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