Curastream provides its members access to certified health care professionals, highly skilled and experienced in the disciplines they serve. They share this knowledge through custom designed programs aimed to help you get back to what you love to do, in less time and through online consultations that serve to structure and guide your progress every step of the way.

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Our focus is You! No one else blends physical health that takes you from an injury, provides personal therapy programs, educates you on injury prevention, and then maximizes your physical potential at work, home, or sport, like we do. And the best part is, it's all online. It's your schedule, less cost, and the same quality in physical healthcare. Our system works on maximizing accessibility, reducing your cost, and delivering quality information.

Online Video Consultations

Get real answers with real professionals for your injury or fitness questions with our secure HD streaming video consultations.

Creating a Plan

Knowing where to start is the toughest part. Our process eliminates the guess work by asking the right questions and selecting or building you a results focused program. Let us create an effective plan for you!

Always Accessible

Forgetting exercises or not knowing if you're doing them correctly can be frustrating. Curastream's app is an easy navigational tool, making your physical health a happy experience.

Don't Break the Bank

Clinical visits and travel increase your cost per visit. Online appointments are less expensive because of less overhead cost but still delivers a great experience while getting the attention you deserve!

Programs for You

We can create customized therapy and fitness performance programs by simply booking a custom program assessment and receiving the program right to your app!

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Injury Prevention Focused

Curastream is focused on providing professional injury identification, rehabilitation and prevention programs that are easy to use and that can adapt to your busy lifestyle. Within your virtual exercise therapy program, Curastream will feed exercise videos tailored to your specific injury, notify you of when to advance to the next phase of rehabilitation and provide you with the tools to track your preventative injury progress along the way.

Curastream’s Training Program Customization

Curastream was created to make access to improved physical health more affordable and convenient. As a team of committed healthcare professionals, we want to provide our members with credible online resources that identify, rehabilitate and prevent a wide range of injuries. We want to make membership as painless as possible. If you don’t feel the benefit of improved health at your convenience, you can cancel online at any point in your membership.

Real Practitioners

Curastream uses registered and licensed healthcare practitioners to ensure the delivery of quality content eliminating the need for extensive researching on Google and other search engines. Injury prevention content provided by highly experienced strength coaches and Kinesiologists. Curastream’s Chief Officers have multiple decades of experience in designing injury prevention, strength and conditioning programs. They have also contributed to multiple national championships in different university level sports. The injury rehabilitation programs are put together by a team of exercise therapy specialists with experience in the private health care industry, and are comprised of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Kinesiologists, and Strength Coaches.

Instructional Exercise Videos

All Curastream programs are accompanied with instructional exercise videos for each exercise. These videos were created and narrated by a team of licensed health care professionals to ensure their accuracy and quality. You can also use the exercise library to search for specific exercises within the library.

Budget Friendly

Imagine you sustain an injury, doing a recreational activity, and need rehabilitation but your community lacks the necessary care facilities or you now must take time off work and pay high fees at a local clinic, what would you do? Curastream’s low fee access to all the incredible information within the programs and instructional exercise videos makes you pay less to get more. Stop playing through an injury and get it fixed. Prevent that injury from happening again with intelligently designed programs that walk you through the process.

Available 24/7

Access all the time. Period. Compatible across all device platforms (tablet, phone, and desktop) so you can access and continue your program anytime, anywhere. Even when you’re travelling, use our travel program to maintain your progress while you are on vacation. When you’re at home, taking time off work and driving to and from your appointments can take up valuable ‘you’ time, Curastream let’s you pick the most convenient time to fit in your physical rehab or daily training activities.

Online Consultations from Any Device

Curastream gives you access to one on one appointments with real health care practitioners that answer your questions. Consultations can come in different forms based on the type you choose. One form is the traditional Q&A style, where you can simply ask a question regarding your current program, exercise or injury, or you can pick another option which gives you a video movement analysis that analyzes your performance of an exercise for improvement and postural assessment. This option gets you started the right way by building a solid foundation before starting your exercise program. Either way, Curastream has got you covered.

Kinesiology/ Strength Coaching

Curastream’s Kinesiologists and Strength Coaches provide everyone with the opportunity to speak with a qualified health professional regarding questions you may have in regard to a fitness program you are using, an exercise you are having issues with, or something in regard to getting a program started. Begin your journey to a healthier you today!

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Physiotherapist giving knee therapy to a woman in clinic

Online Physiotherapy

Online Physiotherapy provides patients, who are on a tight schedule or work long hours, to still get the care they need.  Live video consultation gives you one on one access to a experienced and licensed Physiotherapy to get you started on a treatment plan specialized to you!

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Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is a specialization within the field of kinesiology. Similar to Kinesiologists, Exercise Physiologists study the movement of the body, but then, delve further into the physiological responses with physical exercise. An Exercise Physiologist studies the effects of exercise on the body and how it can help in acute responses and chronic conditions.

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Concussion Consultation

This specific consultation is geared towards concussion therapy and what correct next steps are for you.  A suspected concussion should be addressed by an experienced professional as quickly as possible to start on a proper recover plan.  Curastream’s qualified professionals can do just that over a live video consultation!

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Curastream Assessment Tool

Click on the blue Hotspot on the assessment tool to see what programs are available for your pain point.

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“I work in a call center and spend most of my time sitting at my desk with my neck to one side or the other as I hold the phone and type on my keyboard. I found myself getting back and neck pains all the time. I was looking for some ergonomic help online when I fell on the Curastream website. I decided to sign up for their posture analysis consultation and it was absolutely eye opening. Mike was such a professional and gave me so much valuable information to help me understand what I was doing wrong. He recommended a custom program for office ergonomics and I started right after our call. Within days, I felt 100% better and because of my membership, I got access to ALL the programs and started not only feeling better but getting excited about all the different programs available. This website is a God send!”

- Lisa, Call Center Representative, 24 years old

“I hurt myself during a Sunday afternoon ballgame. I really didn’t want to spend the rest of my Sunday in a hospital emergency room and all the clinics were closed. A friend suggested Curastream. I decided to give it a try from home and within the hour, I had assessed my injury, gotten a program that would help and started the exercises. After 20 min, I was starting to feel better. Having access to quick assessment and care made me feel like I was in charge of my own care and that was a great feeling. I strongly suggest everyone get this. It’s simply a no brainer.”

- Jonathan, baseball player, 32 years old



We believe that everyone has a right to be able to access highly certified health care practitioners from anywhere at anytime. We provide healthcare access to people who live in remote locations where clinics and practitioners are a 4 to 5-hour drive to and from. We aim to assist this dilemma with this ever-evolving virtual healthcare centre.



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