Curastream provides its members access to certified health care professionals, highly skilled and experienced in the disciplines they serve. They share this knowledge through custom designed programs aimed to help you get back to what you love to do, in less time and through online consultations that serve to structure and guide your progress every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Curastream different than other physical health website?

Our credibility and area of focus. Other websites that specifically offer exercise therapy programs to the public don’t offer resources from registered healthcare professionals. We have a committed team of practitioners creating original videos, prescribing exercise programs and advising members.

How extensive is Curastream’s library of exercise videos?

Our library of professionally-crafted exercise videos offer support to a wide range of strains, sprains, aches and pains. Easily identify your injury on our interactive 3D body model for instant access to your personally prescribed exercise therapy program. We’ll continue to grow our exercise video library with new content based on evolving health practices and improvements.

Are there any specific injuries that Curastream specializes in?

We are highly focused on the most common risks of injury. From back pain to whiplash and beyond, our exercise therapy programs will provide the support and guidance you need to get back to optimal health. As our network grows, we will continue to expand our field of physical care to meet the needs of our members.

Is there an area to ask questions and gain support?

Absolutely. You can submit questions to our team from your online dashboard and also join our network on social media. Our private Facebook group will allow members to connect with each other as well. Visit the Contact Page to submit questions.

Who creates programs, videos and content?

Our team of registered healthcare practitioners have produced materials to move you through rehabilitation and onto prevention. Once you’ve identified your injured areas on our interactive 3D body model, you will receive an exercise therapy program curated to your specific health needs.

What type of equipment do I need to train with the videos?

Very little. Most exercise videos utilize body movement and body weight to make training at home easy. So initially, you will only need a floor mat, training shoes and mild resistance bands or weights (approx. 5lbs). Once you progress to injury prevention, you may want to increase resistance. To do that, we offer a link at the top of our website that directs users to Amazon’s wide selection of weights, bands, mats and more to order at your convenience.

What happens after my FREE DEMO Trial is up?

We hope that you’ll join us at the low monthly rate of $14.99 or save even more by signing up for an annual membership. You will be prompted to sign up once the 7 days of the FREE DEMO timeline is over.

What are the terms of membership?

We’ve created Curastream to be as painless as possible. If you don’t feel the benefit of improved health that fits your schedule, you can cancel online at any point in your membership

I can't find the injury I have, what can I do?

We are constantly trying to improve our library of rehabilitation and injury prevention programs. Please contact us through the Contact us Page for further help or directly by email at for a prompt reply. Either let us know what you have if you know what it is or send us a description of your injury.

I need technical help, who can I contact?

Please visit our Contact Page and enter Technical under subject line.

How do I become a member?

Easy! Visit our Join Us page and fill out the information.

I have uploaded an image to my account profile but it uploaded sideways/upside down. Why? How do I fix this?

This sometimes happens when uploading an image to the platform that was taken on an Iphone or newer camera. The culprit? EXIF. Exchangeable Image File Format.

To boil this down in simple terms: if you take a photo with a device that doesn’t use EXIF, when it gets uploaded to the web and appears in a web document it may not display as intended.

The simplest solution? Just open the image you select in an image viewing application such as Picassa, Windows Paint or Photoshop and resave it before uploading it to your member profile. It will upload correctly. Make sure to observe the correct sizing of 250px by 250px for the picture as well.

Have More Questions?

We want to answer them. Submit your question to our team of healthcare professionals by filling out the form below.



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